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In this episode I discuss some ideas for Christmas foods like spicy pepper relish, red curry mussels and much more. A touch of reminiscing about family favorite meals is also mentioned. I also talk about the new sunroom, moving cows and shooting rifles.

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This episode is dedicated to creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal. I talk bout the do's and dont's of cooking turkey and also discuss a variety of side dishes and lots of how to tips to help you get thru the big meal. I will be "on call" to serve the Harvest Eating audience from Monday till thursday to help with your big meal....

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In this episode I discuss cutlery, which knives I've used in the past, which one I use now and why. I will give you a primer on caring for your cutlery, what to do and what not to do. I also get into the various brands and why I love and use Cutco knives. Also I go in-depth into some various improvements ot the farmhouse and some other chores I've been doing in the Farm Update segment.

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In this episode I discuss our beloved Great Pyrenees Yukon who passed last weekend at only 9 months. We also discuss our two Jersey cows, Cinnamon & Ginger, both 9 months old.  SInce it's winter I have been busy around the farm and have installed new steps and a new old wood stove.

In this episode I discuss the Jersey cows we're getting. They are coming home soon so I discuss getting them used to the new property and also hope the horses accept them. I rant about the EPA, FDA etc. and the war against family farms and raw milk. A family cow equates to food security and self sufficiency.

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In this episode I talk about planning for upcoming harvests. As I write this fall is fast approaching, so in order to take full advantage of the produce of fall I suggest doing some research, planning and purchasing of items needed for fall. This method works for all seasons of course and is something we do at home to make sure we are enjoying the seasonal harvests in our area of the country.

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In this episode I discuss making the transition from a summer garden to a fall garden. Crop Update: What crops are still in season locally, what is coming in to season and what is going out.  Also, the chores needed to start a fall garden and also the tasks (canning) , weeding, composting, etc..that are generally practiced around this time of year

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In this episode I discuss how were using the crops that the garden and local markets are providing us. These few weeks are the "super bowl" of the year's harvest. There are tons of fresh foods all over the place right now, the supermarket, the garden, farm stands, tail-gate markets, CSA's, neighbors gardens....if your looking..fresh foods are widely available this time of year. We'll discuss summer squash, toamtoes, peppers, corn, herbs, potatoes, onions and much more on this epsiode.

In the mid summer when the garden is producing lots of produce, some plants are begging to produce others are coming to the end of the their cycle. When more room is made what are you going to plant? and what are you going to do with the crops that are giving your a harvest? These are the main issues gardeners are faced with each sumer about this time. Learn what I do and what I am thinking about.

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In this episode I speak off the cuff about a variety of personal topics that include whats is going on with Harvest Eating, stuff around the farm. swimming in the river, my France trip and much more. I run out of ice for my tea so you listen to some good music while I get ice, then a darn tick crawls up my laptop screen. Enjoy this wild, unscripted crazy life episode..recorded mere hours before departing to France.

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n this episode I talk in general about my garden and give you an update on what were growing, what were harvesting now, what will come soon. I also give some tips on weed control and speak about what I am doing to save or put up these foods. I also talk about compost amending and those DARN BUGS!

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In this episode I do my best to encourage and even nudge you into starting to increase the depth of your panty or for some of you, take the first step. There are turbulent waters ahead and we all need to strap in and have enough stored food to make sure nobody goes without, especially our children or elderly. Some economic discussions and some lemonade too round out this episode.

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In this episode I have a chat with Stan Barrett, one of my dear friends about a past trip to France, a potential trip to France in 2 weeks, Lacanche Ranges and even a lovely French women with a French accent!  I hope you enjoy this causal chat with a friend and sponsor of the show.

n this episode I discuss antique and heritage apples. I recently took a day trip to the high country in NC to meet a couple who specialize in saving and promoting over 350 varieties of old apple trees that have been thriving in these Southern Appalachian mountains for centuries. These are apples with funny names like Lampoc, Limbertwig, Gano etc.  If not for the Joyners, these apple would be gone forever, this is not just food we're talking's about preserving the heritage our of food sources.

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This episode is all about grilling and recipe ideas for a successful weekend cookout. I cover preparing the grill, marinating chicken and steak, how to cook meat without burning it and properly cooking chicken so it's not raw inside and burnt outside. Also, some great dessert ideas and super tasty recipes.

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In this episode I give a pep talk about bringing The Harvest Eating Lifestyle with you this year on your vacation. I also describe in detail how we just did that in Florida and how local farmers markets can play a key role. I discuss your culinary inventory, a term I frequently use. I also go into a diatribe on buying well made items like Yeti Coolers. Why buy cheap junk that will surely break only to be replaced again? 

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This episode takes you from the early morning at 7:30 am with my son Garrett urging me to get up and takes you throug my entire day. You'll hear about family fights, about my dog Yukon, The Great Pyrenees and our picnic at the beach. Many of you have requested more personal details so here you go...enjoy!

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In this episode we discuss the 5 mother sauces created by August Escoffier of classic French Cookery fame. These base sauces are the foundation most great cooking and can be made at home and deployed into many dishes that you will love. Once you have mastered these sauces you can make other "compound sauces" which are derived from the 5 mother sauces. You do not need to be a French snob to use and enjoy the 5 Mother Sauces. Also, my son and daughter make an apperance on air, and I eat some toaste too!!

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This special episode is all about the Harvest Eating Spice Blends we sell. This is somewhat commercial so I wanted to be upfront about that. These spices are really terrific and I wanted to tell you how we started selling them and a bit about why I think you could benefit from having them in your pantry.

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This episode I address some listener questions and try to give my perspective on these. I get hundreds of emails per month with various questions, suggestions, comments etc. If you would like to get your question answered use the words "podcast question" in the subject line to help me curate the email load.

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This episode is al about sweeteners, how to use them, which to use and which NOT to use. Learning about sweeteners and how they effect cooking is a critical bit of information to have. Learn how to avoid burning your grilled food by using sugary sauces and basting liquid correctly.

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This week I discuss the best kind of salad there is..the Main Course Salad. With a combination of textures, temperatures and flavors, main course salads can be a great way to eat plenty of healthy foods. Nuts, fruits, beans, seafood, chicken, beef, sprouts, dried fruits etc. These ingredients can be combined into wonderful and suprising treats for the tastebuds. Main course salads have lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals too.

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On this episode we delve into the Harvest Eating Pantry, what should be in your pantry, what's in mine and a few tips about organizing and rotating the pantry. I will discuss, baking, herbs & spices, canned goods like vegetables, snack foods, coffee & tea and also condiments and items like corn starch etc. and also canned foods like tomatoes, green beans etc.

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In this episode I discuss the basics of canning the harvest. I will go over what canning is, why should canning be something you learn, what types of foods are canned, etc. I discuss the basics of sanitation and the difference between water bath canning and pressure canning. I also walk you through the process of canning tomatoes and throw in plenty of tips and ideas and also some chat about my local area farms including a tomato filed a stone's throw away that we source our tomatoes for canning from

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This episode focuses on planning a dinner party successfully. Many times planing a party can be stressful and turn out to be a bad experience. We talk about setting the right mood, pre-part snacks foods, wines and then plan an actual 4 course Latin Style meal on the fly off the top of my head. This episode will give those planning a dinner party some tools for the task ahead.

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In this episode I discuss the practice of  what I call Cookonomics. In The Harvest Eating Cookbook on page 263 the section on Cookonomics begins with a short explanation that describes making things yourself.  You can make many different items at home and save money, remove preservatives, additives, fillers, colorants etc. from your diet and be much more independent.

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This episode I discuss the many befits of keeping chickens. I wil ldiscuss the lifestyle commercial chickens have which are not so good, compared to the the life a well-cared for bckyard chicken enjoys. You will be encouraged to keep your own chickens and if not so inclined to at leat find local eggs to enjoy.

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This episode is all about cheese. I offer some basic history, a primer on milk types and techniques to make cheese as well as discussions about cheese making regions. I also share my thoughts on enjoying cheese and discuss the cheese course, which is a staple in France. Building your own cheese course at home can be easy and very rewarding.

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This episode focuses on yogurts and my strong opinions about them. Yogurt can be a wonderful, healthy, nutritious food but like many other products have become science projects and marketing vehicles, yogurt too has suffered the same fate. Learn what to look for and what to avoid in yogurt and maybe try making your own.

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In this episode I discuss the basics of vinaigrette making and also what has happened to once acceptable, store brands. Making vinaigrettes is simple and can save money and also keep your family from ingesting food science ingredients such as preservatives, gums, colorants etc. These are ingredients we do not need to be consuming on a regular basis.

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In this episode I discuss salt , how I use it, some theroy behind seasoning food and also some tips on making spice pastes. I also discuss seasoning blends and of course mention the Harvest Eating Organic Spice blends.

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You asked s here it is , a show discussing kitchen tools and gadgets. This show will let you know my thoughts on kitchen tools and which ones you need to have, don't need to have and how to buy them, where to buy them etc. Like any craft with practicing, having great tools will help you immensely in cooking great meals. You cannot be a great cook without proper equipment.

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Enjoying real, farm fresh dairy and unprocessed dairy products is something I value and consider paramount to good health. Dairy foods like milk, butter sour cream, heavy cream etc. are supremely healthy foods that are rich in high quality protein and easily absorbed calcium. I find it a shame that the general public has been convinced that real fat from pasture raised dairy animals are an evil food. The words "low-fat" fat free" and other catchy terms are now considered "benefits" to be sought after. I believe that only unprocessed full fat dairy should grace our tables.

In this episode I discuss what dairy products we keep in our fridge for eating and cooking with and also discuss the many considerations of acquiring and keeping dairy cows or dairy goats. I also share my opinion on pasteurized dairy and why in most cases it is needed in the market based dairy economy we have in this country.

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Well the economic chickens have come home to roost in the form of higher prices as inflation soars. Food, fuel, consumer goods are rising at an alarming pace putting US consumers squarely in front of this trainwreck. Since the FED starting pumping trillions into the economy here and abroad, the commodities market has gone vertical. Most if not all commodities are traded in USD the world's reserve currency. As our dollar weakens from the flood of cheap or free money and credit, commodoties are rising and affecting people across the globe. This is why people are rioting in the Middle East....

This episode aims to help you understand the problem and steps that you can take to help protect yourself. Please remember to leave a comment on this episode at Http://, my favorite comemnt will win a Soil Cube a neat device for helpign to plant seeds.



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The world of cookign oils is very confusing or most consumers. Big agri-busniess and food brands are eager ot promote fancy sounding names with catch phases and proported benefits of their new "healthy oil". Mot of these oils are made using GMO ingredients and heavily procesed with chemicals like hexane and high heat. I avoid soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, and cheap big brand olive oils. I prefer "single-estate" extra virgin olive oil and pure olive and also suplememnt other fats like virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter. this episode will discuss the fraud in the olive oil busnies and how you can avoid being a victim in the supermarket aisles.

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At the end of each winter gardeners plan their spring gardens. The must decide what to plant, acquire seeds, make sure all equipment needed is present then seeds are started and garden plot is prepared, tillied, raked, amended and then final planting takes place after the last frost. This is what all garderns do, but each gardener has his/her own methods and priorities.

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Growing herbs near your kitchen not only males great sense but great food. I encourage people to grow all the herbs they need on a regular basis so that they do not need to buy herbs that were flown in from afar. Herbs are easy to grow and will produce almost all year under the right conditions. Of course lettuce is a cinch to grow to, and MUCH more economical.

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Any serious gardener knows the power of composting. Compost is an essential ingredients in our soil. It helps make plants, shrubs, bushes and trees healthy and happy. Compost is basically a mixture of two different material types, green and brown. Green add nitrogen, brown add carbon. These in combination help soil bacterial thrive to break down compost into rich, black gold.

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In this episode we talk about grass fed and naturally raised proteins like beef, pork, chicken and buffalo. Why is it better? What are the advantages and how can you take part. There will be resources to find grass fed products in the show notes.

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In this episode we bring on my daughter and wife to discuss making food memories with the people we love, our family. Dishes that come from generation past should be kept alive and practiced and enjoyed throughout the year. As parents we have a sacred duty to make sure our kids have the knowledge to recreate the foods we raised them with so their kids can one day enjoy these same recipes and the comfort of enjoying them with family.

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In this episode I discuss making panty items in bulk then using them later to make healthy quick meals. Things like beans, rice, pasta, oatmeal can be made a head then later made into quick healthy meals during the week.

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In this episode I talk about cooking over wood fire. At the end of the day, this style of cooking is the most pure, the most basic and the most sexy in my opinion. I mentioned a few resources for this episode that will be of interest for anybody who likes to cook outside.

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