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The Harvest Eating podcast is devoted to sharing my love of food, family and much more. I talk about recipes, cooking methods, different dietary regimens I have tried.

Just a quick announcement about a new website that lets you get a free sample of our spices (just cover shipping) If you visit Try Try Harvest Eating.com you cna get a free sample of the spices.

The website there wil loffer a few differnt packages once you commit to taking the free sample. None of these are required but keep in mind they are the lowest proces I have, basically a multi jr discount.

Speaking of jars...I now pack the spices in larger BPA free plastic jars with shaker tops that allow you to stick a measuing spoon inside or shake some on your food.

Also, on try harvest eating.com is a littel extra video package you can get for $3.99 that shows me using the spices. This is part of my education efforts as it realted ot cookign with spices.

I ahve had so many requests thru the years to give more assitance with using the product. So now you can grab these videos on Try Harvest Eating.com  

There will wind up being about 10 videos when I am done..I add more each week...so far two are live with a few more tomorrow.

So that is the announcment/clarification. In my efforts to grow my customer list I am using a more sophisticated marketing approach...but I don't want to be a used car salesman either! (sorry to those who sell used cars :)

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