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Today I discuss a classic southern dish, Sweet Potato Pie.

Most folks are familiar with good ole pumpkin pie which is great, but sweet potato pie is better in my opinion and has more style and class if I may say. What makes this pie special is the preparation of the sweet potatoes, in this case, roasting is the special trick.

Roasting is a dry heat method of cooking and it produces more “caramelly” taste and texture than boiling does, which is the method most commonly used.

If you’ve had sweet potato pie there is a good chance (like 80%) that the potatoes were precooked in cans, just like pumpkin. Sadly, this makes mush out of the sweet potatoes and does nothing to enhance them.

My method of roasting enhances the taste, texture and sweet flavor naturally present in sweet potatoes. It’s best to find clean, unblemished potatoes to make this. Often times store-bought sweets are rather beat up.

A local farm market is the best place if you have access, but alas, a great pie can easily be made using store sourced potatoes. If you can grow your own….now that would be awesome, next level!

I hope this episode finds you well, hungry and ready to cook!

Be sure to visit Harvest Eating to find the recipe, and possibly a video too!

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