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On today's show, I discuss making a simple but delicious Southern specialty; corn spoonbread. This soul food classic is simple to prepare, uses common ingredients and delivers the comfort-food feeling we all love about Southern food.

Spoonbread is not cornbread which tends to be dry and crumbly. This is rich, soft, creamy and delicious. You need a spoon to eat it, almost pudding-like, hence the name-spoonbread.

If you're serving some Carolina BBQ, a pot of greens or green beans this HAS to be served alongside. I really do love this dish.

To make it properly you will need some real stone-ground cornmeal. Not the crap in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. Unless its Bob's Redmill, that will do the trick. Also, farm-fresh eggs.

For those of you who really appreciate the finer things in life, I suggest sourcing this cornmeal from Anson Mills, my go-to source for all fine grains. You can also get AMAZING oats from Anson Mills too.

Steel cut oats are available from Bob's Redmill and in supermarkets also.

I do follow a lower carb diet so I avoid sugar at all costs. In this dish, I use Lakanto Golden, a sugar sub. that tastes great without the creepy aftertaste so many others have.

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