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On today's show, I discuss cooking a wonderful tri-tip roast rubbed with Harvest Eating Steak House Blend. 

I filmed it and it's included in these videos for a small fee.

Prime beef isn't that readily available....maybe some stores and specialty butchers and online places...but in the everyday world it's still a touch pun intended!

Costco club stores do have a prime beef program and excellent pricing on quality beef. Keep in mind..even though it's prime it is still part of the factory farming system.

Other then marbling it still has the problems that all factory farm products have. No special treatment of animals that are graded prime. It's a roll of the dice..because they are all fed the same thing...corn, soy etc.

No that I covered that let's move on to the taste.  It's hard to beat a prime steak for taste, texture, marbling and overall eating experience.

These tri-tip roasts are MUCH cheaper then primal cuts like fillet, rib eye etc. But they will not disappoint on flavor and texture.

The Montana Steak butter is simply pulverized Montana Steak Seasoning mixed with Kerrygold butter to create a flavored butter.

I slathered it on the trip tip after it cooked...dude....crazy good.

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