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Today I discuss fruit salad. Not fruit salad cocktail, the stuff from cans, rather my Omi's (my mother in law) WONDERFUL fruit salad called Bircher Muesli.

A combination of fruits, nuts, yogurt, oats and if you're felling into it....whipped cream.

This stuff is legendary in my household. I had never seen anything like it before I met the "babe" my wife Sonja who grew up eating this stuff.

It's hard to stop eating this stuff and if you like dairy the whipped cream version is dope! (sorry could not help myself)

The recipe is simple, bananas, grated apples or pears (or both), seasonal berries, citrus, rolled oats, yogurt, sliced almonds or chopped walnuts, whipped cream and if you like, cinnamon. I think unsweetened coconut flakes are great in this too!

Sadly, cinnamon is off-limits around my in-laws. Opi, who hails from Windsor England (my wife was born in England and did not become a US citizen until she was 18) has a rather bland English palate.

He does not like cinnamon, or garlic and many other things. However, when I visit I put a TON of garlic in dishes and he loves it. So it might just be a "thing". He does love beer however and has a chilled keg tap in the basement (pub) with wonderful Colorado-brewed beers, so I can't complain.

I LOVE cinnamon, so I would prefer it in my Bircher Muesli, but alas, the babe is German (and English) and she won't permit it.

Vegan? This recipe adapts beautifully to a vegan lifestyle by using vegan yogurt and omitting the cream, the rest is perfectly ok for vegans.

There are many versions of this recipe that call for a little touch of apple juice, but an unfiltered apple cider would be great too. Just a touch, not that much. Check out the recipe at Harvest Eating

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