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Today I am discussing the top priorities I have identified for 2016. I may add more items to the list but will be focusing on these and aiming to continue working on them all year. They Include:

  1. Fitness...continuing to use the keto diet principle to shed wet and hopefully improve blood markers and to increase exercise and general fitness.
  2. Stocking up on homestead/ prepper stuff-new generators, ammo, rifles, food, de-hydrator, vacuum sealer
  3. Saving money by eating more affordable foods, cooking to generate leftovers, buying in bulk, avoiding buying useless no-value "stuff" especially for kids. Buying only high quality items that will last. If it says Made In China I do not buy it if at all possible. Selling items of value that are just taking up space or not being used to buy more monetary metals and items of value.
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