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The Harvest Eating podcast is devoted to sharing my love of food, family and much more. I talk about recipes, cooking methods, different dietary regimens I have tried.

A few episodes back I suggested the use of probiotic rich foods like sour pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt etc. On today's show I walk you thru the making of a delicatessen classic; the full sour dill pickle. These intoxicating little pickles can be found floating in wood barrels in many delis that appreciate old-world goodness. Sour pickles are made using just water, salt and aromatics and they allow natural bacteria to multiply and produce lactic acid to prevent spoilage. In the process, a rich probiotic is created with a wonderful and unique taste. Simple to make with everyday equipment your journey into lacto fermentation should always incude a stoll down sour pickle lane!

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